Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gala Films

DOOR TO THE SUN (Bab El-Shams), 2004, directed by Yousery Nasrallah. Playing at the Bloor Cinema at 7pm on Saturday July 23rd. An epic drama which vividly chronicles the dispossession of one Palestinian family over three generations, beginning in 1943 and ending in the present.  DOOR TO THE SUN was in the Cannes official selection and is recognized as the most important Palestinian film to date.

ALEXANDRIA... NEW YORK is the fourth part of Youssef Chahine's beloved Alexandria series. Playing at the Bloor Cinema at 9pm on Sunday July 24th. This film was censored at the 2004 New York Film Festival. The Washington Post claims that the Egyptian musical "is a cinematic divorce paper". Come and see one of the world's legendary filmmakers lament: "New York, why do you resist tenderness?" ALEXANDRIA... NEW YORK was the 2004 Cannes winner of Un Certain Regard and their closing night gala film.

Advance ticket sales available. Please contact, and write advance tickets in the subject line.